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Above is a picture of Patrik Antonius with Phil Ivey. They are close friends, both top pros at Full Tilt Poker and both very profitable. Both are considered among the best ring game poker players in the world. Another friend of them is Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, also a high profile cash game player who often plays at Tilt Poker.

Patrik Antonius Bio

If you follow poker even only casually, you probably have heard of Patrik Antonius, or you may have seen him on the television.

As Patrik is part of the prestigious Team Full Tilt which only has fourteen members such as Phil Ivey, and Chris Ferguson and Tom Dwan. He is also a regular poker face on NBC's "Poker After Dark", a favorite show of poker fans.

Patrik Antonius is a highly respected and feared high stakes poker player, both live and online. But where did he come from and how did he start his ascent to the top of the poker world? Who exactly is Patrik Antonius?

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You can watch Patrik play high stakes poker at Full Tilt, or even play him but you would need a very large bankroll and nerves of steel for that. Use the Full Tilt Referral Code when you sign and you will get a 100% bonus up to $600.

Patrik was born on Dec. 12th, 1980 in Helsinki, Finland. Interestingly he started as a professional tennis player. This may not sound like a standard path leading to poker, but he is not alone in this regard and another famous pro at Full Tilt, David Benyamine was also a tennis pro before moving to poker. The logic might be that these people have a deep drive for competition, which can be applied not just in one sport or activity. This is certainly a logic that online poker rooms believe in and more poker pros are coming from the sports world. To name two high-profile cases, Boris Becker (yet another tennis pro) recently joined pokerstars, and Dennis Rodman (a hall of fame basketball player this time) just signed up at onlypoker.com.

Patrik Antonius was also a model, and that is a much more rare occurrence in poker, where the good-looking ones can usually be counted with the fingers of one hand.

Patrik has made millions in live and online poker, both in cash games and in tournaments. Not surprisingly he moved from his home country to Monaco, as Northern European countries are not only cold but also have high taxes, while Monte Carlo is the opposite.

In live tournaments, Patrik Antonius has won over $2.8 million. He passed the bubble twelve times at the WSOP without a bracelet yet, seven times at the WPT including one final table, and two times at the EPT with one title, winning the 2005 EPT event in Baden bei Wien. He has done well in online poker tournaments as well, finishing second at the 2008 Full Tilt heads-up $25,000 buy-in PLO event, winning $320k.

In cash games he is feared like one of the strongest high stakes players. At Full Tilt he constantly gets involved in the highest stakes games, attracting an army of railbirds and generating huge pots on occasion (sometimes over one million dollars), play Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan or Daniel Cates. You can watch as well, make sure to enter the Full Tilt Bonus Code when you sign up.

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