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Sit N Go Strategy

With many online poker rooms and UK poker providers offering a wide array of sit n go poker games in their lobbies, this form of poker tournament is skyrocketing in popularity. While sit n go poker tournaments may not pay out the large prizes offered by scheduled tournaments, these games are always available and can provide returns on a more consistent basis.

What is Sit n Go Poker?

Briefly, sit n go poker tournaments accommodate anywhere from 6 to 50 players. Players sign on for a particular tournament in the sit n go lobby, and must wait until all the seats in the tournament have been occupied by other players before the game begins. These tournaments are available 24 hours a day.

Sit n go tournaments are offered at various stakes levels, as well as different game speeds (ranging from turbo to super-turbo). One of the most popular sit n go poker formats is jackpot sit n go, which pays out a significant cash prize if a player can win a tournament four times in a row.

Basic Strategy

All sit n go tournaments pay out a number of places. The bigger tournaments will pay out cash for a finish in the top ten, while smaller tournaments split the prize pool between the winner and the runner-up. The first goal of sit and go tournaments is therefore to cash, ensuring that the player does not make a loss on the tournament.

The key to cashing in sit n go tournaments is generally patience. Waiting for good hands to come along and playing cautiously not only protects players from unnecessary early elimination, but also allows players to conserve their stacks as the opposition eliminate one another.

During the early stages of the tournament players can mine for triples (playing pairs in an attempt to land trips), play the conventional strong pocket pair hands, or speculate using suited connectors. This approach not only pays excellent dividends when strong hands are achieved on the board, but also protects players from having their stacks whittled down by paying into pots too often.

Going on the Attack

Smart play in the early stages of a sit and go tournament will often be rewarded with a place at the final table. At this point a player will be up against some big stacks, with some dwindling stacks clinging on desperately in the hopes of cashing. Tactics at this point depend on the size of a player’s own stack.