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Patrik Antonius photos

Patrik Antonius has tried a number of career paths before becoming one of the best poker players in the world, as we know him from following his online poker achievements or by seeing him on various poker shows on the television. What some people may not know if that he first tried to be a tennis pro and he still plays at the top amateur level. And at some point he also did some modeling.


Modeling was at the very early stage of Patrik's career and there are very few photos available of this time. As this work was done in Finland, this is where you may find some pictures ten or more years ago.

Without any bias, there are few if any better looking poker pro (at the top level) than Patrik Antonius. He has some sort of nordic beauty, emotionless like the God Odin. This is a strength at the poker table as his attitude tends to intimidate many opponents. Even after taking a huge bad beat, he will not flinch.

Patrik lives in Monaco and he certainly gets a lot of success with wealthy female celebreties or nobility as this is one of the richest and most exclusive places in Europe and it attracts the cream of the cream.

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