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A different Everest Poker bonus code for all

This website is specialized in online poker, not just Patrik Antonius information, but also articles about the major poker operators in this millennium.

We are proud to offer our readers a terrific Everest Poker Bonus Code that let you get a $300 bonus for as little as a $10 deposit.

What is the catch you may ask, and this is a legitimate question. Most online poker rooms offer a percentage match up bonus, but not Everest Poker.

When you get a regular bonus at another poker room such as a 100% bonus up to $500, you get as much bonus as what you deposit. If you deposit $250, you get a $250 bonus. But if you deposit just $10, you will only get a $10 bonus. This is the way that online poker rooms attempt to lure players into making a bigger first deposit than they would otherwise if it were not for the bonus opportunity.

Instead, everest poker gives you a $300 bonus no matter how large or small you first deposit (just make it at least $10). So if you make a $300 deposit, then this is like a 100% bonus. But if you just transfer $100 after opening your account, this is a nice 300% bonus. If you push the envelop to the maximum and make a tiny $10 deposit (which you can do in principle), they you will get an amazing 3000% bonus.

Use the Everest Poker bonus code to benefit from this offer.

You will have one month to grind your bonus, so if you want to make a quick $300 and if you like playing online games, then here is your chance.

Everest Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms, but they have temporarily stopped to accept USA players since the uncertain situation about the gambling laws in the United States. But as soon as President Obama legalizes online poker, it is expected that Everest Poker will reopen its doors to everyone (of gambling age).

The Everest Poker Bonus Code is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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