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Patrik Antonius is predominantly a ring game player but he also has excellent results in tournaments. He does not yet have any bracelets at the WSOP or WPT despite a number of final tables. But he has an EPT bracelet which he got in 2005 when he prevailed in the event run at Baden bei Wien.

The European Poker Tour, widely known by the acronym EPT is the largest and most famous poker tournament ever held on the European continent. It is also the rendezvous for the amateur and professional poker world, highly sponsored by many online gambling sites. Since its creation and first launched in 2004 by John Duthie, the EPT has become the social event fans of poker must attend, and itcontinues to grow in popularity. All the EPT events and poker games at the featured table are broadcasted on the television.

Play at the EPT

Like any other poker tournament, participation in the European Poker Tour requires mandatory compliance with a number of regulations. Players wishing to participate in this tournament can complete the registration forms for the Full Tilt Poker satellite with a buy-in $3.33 which provides direct access to the tournament. Casinos tournament organizers receive direct registrations of players on presentation of their passports, and then they may consult the regulations and timetables of the tournament. The minimum age of players eligible to participate in the EPT is 18 years.

Carrying sponsoring logos on your clothing is allowed, but must meet the standards and criteria of the EPT, such as a small size if it is inserted on the chest. Caps logos are allowed except at the TV table. Players not yet sponsored before the start of the tournament must wear the pokerstars logo. Players wearing the logo of the sponsor other than the official logo must not exceed 10% of participants in the tournament and if more than two players wear the same logo at the final table, it is the company in question to decide who will wear it. Participants in all events of the European Poker Tour must comply with the regulations of Euro Poker Tour Ltd governing the right to broadcast television among other things

Always a fun gathering of poker lovers, EPT events are not to be missed if you love to gamble a bit and meet great people from Europe and all over the world.

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